Expandable Infra Pvt Ltd is a newly formed Construction and a Consulting company from India with focus on Oil and Gas, Power, Infrastructure, Real Estate,Duty Free Bonded Warehousing,etc. In a short period of 2 years Expandable have established footprints across seven countries and advancing. With a strong, client and customer-focused approach and the constant pursuit for outstanding quality have enabled us to attain a reputation of pride in all major lines of our business.

In Consulting and Real Estate business, Expandable has an international presence, with offices in India, Dubai, Malaysia, Cyprus, Iraq and UK and have strategic alliances with some major business houses across the globe, which has enabled us to improve our position as the best in our services.

Our Consulting services are positioned very sensibly, they are of exceptionally superior quality, significant, sensible, precise and customized to the clients’ needs so as to empower them to take the right decisions, and steering their companies towards Growth, and in turn aiding to the overall economic development.

With focus on the fluctuating market sensitivities, Expandable has strategically defined its organisation model to enable growth through enhanced levels of equality. The configuration is put together around diverse businesses that meet the needs of different industries. We are at present in an extremely profitable market in a maturing economy. The penchant observed today points towards an upsurge in the number of competition amongst present-day companies which gives us a possibility to provide these companies with an intensified need for market information, services and relationship in Government and Corporate level that will enable companies to stay ahead of the pack.

The keys to success for Expandable Infra Pvt Ltd are in developing loyal, respectful, and intensive relationship with clients; Strategic Tie ups with major companies in respective country, fast response time for special problems, Quality, Excellence in fulfilling the promise, and above all willpower for creating interregional and international contacts.

In Nut shell, the overall objective is to focus the activities towards the specialized services and to become a leader in this niche market of INDIA, CYPRUS, IRAQ, PHILPIHINES AND ARICA area.


    By delivering ground-breaking services, Expandable Infra Pvt Ltd succeeds to create a name for itself and consolidates its position as the best in the field.


    The company mission is to assist business clients that are in requirement of logistical, technical, and business strategy and relationship services in India, Cyprus, Iraq, Philippines and Africa. Expandable proposes the companies a dependable, premium substitute to in-house resources for business development on an international scale. The team Expandables comes with a deep and on the ground experience, expertise, relationships and connections, and discretion for the clients who wants more and wants hassle free Business in India and International market. We give the Clients the confidence that shaking hands with Expandable is a more professional way to develop new business in new country. In short Expandable Infra Pvt Ltd endures to deliver comprehensive, trustworthy and quality services to companies in the following business lines viz; Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Power Sector and Real estate in INDIA, CYPRUS, IRAQ, and PHILPIHINES AND ARICA with the idea of giving solutions rather than problem.

Management Team

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